TWIL #39: Librarian In Black (more ebooks)

Published on Apr 22nd, 2011 by jaapvandegeer

After Michiel Laan we have another guest on the show who is involved in eContent en digital innovation.
Sarah Houghton-Jan aka The Librarian in Black is assistant director at San Rafael Public Library. She is also co author of The eBook User’s Bill of Rights that she wrote in reaction to the new HarperCollins license deal on ebooks.​librarianinblack/​2011/​02/​ebookrights.html

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  • Anja Bastenhof

    Hoi Eric, was even grappig om elkaar in het echt te ontmoeten bij DOK tijdens de rondleiding afgelopen dinsdag. Inmiddels heb ik The Accidental Library Marketer in huis: dank jullie wel!

    PS: bordje ‘voer de duiven niet’ werkt wat afleidend. Is dit een grap?

  • Mace Ojala

    What on earth is the No pigeons allowed sign?

  • Jaap van de Geer

    Crazy people librarians, bit mental :)

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